Metwide VPN

VPN Networks

The Metwide Group has designed a network to deliver clients with continuous connection solutions between offices, staff and their customers and we have been doing so for over 20 years. We have a network that is tailor-made for the delivery of high performing and dependable private solutions.

Business Ethernet & Fibre

Business Ethernet & Fibre

Along with ADSL products, Metwide provisions high-bandwidth connections suitable for real-time business communications. Business grade metro ethernet products and fibre links come with guaranteed SLAs and optional redundant wireless links.

Wireless, Hotspot & Mobile Internet

Mobile & Wireless

Our business delivers wireless solutions through Microwave, 3G, 4G and standard wireless to companies that require point to point between offices for bespoke or managed private network solutions. Used for primary or redundant internet, we are able to provide solutions that run over totally separate infrastructure.