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At Metwide Communications, we pride ourselves on forging robust partnerships that stand at the heart of our mission to deliver top-tier services in electronic security, access control, and ICT solutions. As an industry leader, we understand the significance of collaborations that are grounded in mutual growth, state-of-the-art technology, and shared principles of excellence.

Each partner on this page has been meticulously chosen for their exceptional contributions in their fields and their alignment with our high standards of quality and innovation. From trailblazing VMS software developers to innovators in access control systems, and from forefront runners in ICT solutions to pioneers in CCTV technology, our partners are the best in the industry. Their expertise, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction and technological progress, cements Metwide Communications as a byword for excellence and dependability in the market.

At Metwide Communications, we pride ourselves on forging robust partnerships that stand at the heart of our mission to deliver top-tier services in electronic security, access control, and ICT solutions. As an industry leader, we understand the significance of collaborations that are grounded in mutual growth, state-of-the-art technology, and shared principles of excellence.

VMS Software Partners

  • NX Witness

    NX Witness

    In partnership with NX Witness, Metwide Communications provides advanced video management software, perfect for scalable and flexible security solutions. Our collaboration brings efficient, user-friendly surveillance operations to businesses, ensuring seamless integration with various cameras and IoT devices.

  • Milestone


    Teaming up with Milestone, Metwide Communications delivers customisable IP video management software that excels in scalability and third-party integration. Ideal for enterprises seeking versatile surveillance solutions, Milestone’s software enhances business security across a multitude of industries.

  • Wisenet Wave

    Wisenet Wave

    Our alliance with Wisenet Wave at Metwide Communications offers intuitive video management systems renowned for their user-friendliness and wide camera compatibility. These systems are tailor-made for businesses seeking robust yet easy-to-use surveillance solutions.

Intercom Partners

  • 2N


    The partnership between Metwide Communications and 2N brings to the forefront top-tier IP intercom systems, merging modern technology with sleek design. Ideal for contemporary residential and commercial buildings, these systems boost security through superior communication capabilities.

  • Axis


    Collaborating with Axis, Metwide Communications enhances security solutions with advanced intercom systems integrated with smart security technology. Focused on high-quality audio and video capabilities, our solutions ensure reliable and robust communication for various security environments.

  • Aiphone


    Metwide Communications, in partnership with Aiphone, provides a diverse range of reliable intercom systems, adaptable from compact residential units to expansive commercial complexes. Our collaboration ensures access to comprehensive communication solutions.

  • Hikvision


    Our partnership with Hikvision allows Metwide Communications to bolster building security with cutting-edge intercom technologies. We offer integrated solutions to address modern security challenges, ensuring advanced communication systems for our clientele.

  • Dahua


    In collaboration with Dahua, Metwide Communications enriches its portfolio with high-quality intercom solutions. Suitable for a wide array of applications, from residential to commercial security systems, Dahua’s products are synonymous with innovation and reliability.

CCTV Partners

  • Avigilon


    As partners with Avigilon, Metwide Communications brings forefront high-definition surveillance technology. Our solutions, known for exceptional image quality and proactive threat detection, redefine standards in security monitoring, catering to businesses seeking dependable surveillance.

  • Axis Communications

    Axis Communications

    Through our collaboration with Axis Communications, we provide superior network video solutions, characterised by innovation, reliability, and high performance. These solutions are designed to meet the diverse security needs of modern businesses.

  • Dahua


    Metwide Communications, partnering with Dahua Technology, offers a variety of innovative and dependable CCTV solutions. As a leader in video-centric smart IoT solutions, Dahua’s products enhance our offerings in advanced security technologies.

  • Hanwha


    Our partnership with Hanwha enables Metwide Communications to deliver cutting-edge surveillance solutions, integrating quality with technological innovation. Our commitment to offering top-edge security solutions is bolstered by Hanwha’s expertise in the field.

  • Hikvision


    In collaboration with Hikvision, a global leader in CCTV and digital surveillance, Metwide Communications presents products known for their advanced features, reliability, and scalability. Our partnership ensures that clients access the latest in surveillance technology, tailored to their unique security needs.

ICT Partners

  • Schneider Certified

    Schneider Certified

    Metwide Communications, a Schneider Certified partner, delivers exceptional electrical and energy management solutions. Our expertise extends to advanced, sustainable infrastructure, offering our clients industry-leading efficiency and reliability. With a focus on innovative energy solutions, we ensure businesses are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

  • Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider | Business Partner<br>Aruba Solution Provider | Business Partner

    Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider | Business Partner
    Aruba Solution Provider | Business Partner

    As a partner of HPE, Metwide offers transformative IT solutions, including advanced data storage and cloud services. Our collaboration with HPE enables us to provide businesses with resilient, scalable, and efficient technology solutions, driving digital transformation and growth.

  • Lenovo OEM Partner

    Lenovo OEM Partner

    Through our partnership with Lenovo, Metwide Communications brings world-class computing and IT infrastructure solutions to the forefront. Our alliance ensures access to Lenovo's robust, innovative technology, enhancing business operations with reliable and high-performance computing solutions.

  • Cisco Partner

    Cisco Partner

    Metwide Communications, in partnership with Cisco, specializes in leading IT and networking solutions. Our collaboration brings businesses state-of-the-art network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and communication tools, essential for modern digital environments.

  • Microsoft Partner

    Microsoft Partner

    As a Microsoft Partner, Metwide Communications offers the latest in software, cloud solutions, and enterprise services. We empower businesses with Microsoft's comprehensive suite of tools, fostering productivity, collaboration, and business intelligence.

  • Crowdstrike Partner

    Crowdstrike Partner

    In collaboration with Crowdstrike, Metwide Communications delivers advanced cybersecurity solutions. Our partnership provides businesses with robust, AI-driven security systems designed to effectively combat and prevent sophisticated cyber threats

  • Palo Alto Partner

    Palo Alto Partner

    Partnering with Palo Alto, Metwide Communications provides comprehensive network security solutions. This collaboration enables us to offer next-generation firewalls and cloud-based security services, ensuring businesses maintain a strong and proactive security posture.

  • Juniper Networks Partner

    Juniper Networks Partner

    As a Juniper Networks partner, Metwide Communications offers high-performance network and cybersecurity solutions. Our expertise with Juniper's cutting-edge technology ensures businesses enjoy reliable, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure.

  • Sophos Partner

    Sophos Partner

    Working alongside Sophos, Metwide Communications delivers intelligent cybersecurity and network management solutions. Our partnership with Sophos means businesses benefit from powerful, user-friendly security that adapts to their evolving needs.

  • Fortinet Partner

    Fortinet Partner

    Through our collaboration with Fortinet, Metwide Communications provides top-tier network security solutions. Fortinet's range of products, from firewalls to secure access points, ensures integrated, high-performance security for our clients.


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