Project Overview: Aveo Peninsula Gardens – Cellular Coverage Enhancement

Client: Aveo Peninsula Gardens

Project Scope: Enhancing Cellular Coverage for 60 Apartments Across 4 Levels

Metwide Communications is delighted to present our accomplished project at Aveo Peninsula Gardens, where we successfully enhanced cellular coverage across 60 apartments spread over four levels. This project highlights our expertise in deploying advanced cellular booster solutions to address connectivity challenges in multi-level residential complexes.

Detailed Scope of Works:

Top Control Measures that Minimise the Risk to Lone Workers

Worked closely with Aveo Peninsula Gardens to understand specific cellular service requirements.
Designed a comprehensive coverage plan tailored to the layout of 60 apartments across four levels.
Conducted an extensive cell service quality assessment to ensure optimal placement of equipment.

Procurement & System Configuration:

Acquired top-grade equipment, including Cel-Fi GO G41 units, essential for boosting cellular signals.
Gained access to the Wave portal for configuring and managing the Cel-Fi G41 units.
Ensured all systems passed Factory Acceptance Testing for guaranteed functionality.

Installation Overview:

Donor Installation:
  • Strategically placed donor antennas for maximum signal reception.
  • Laid coaxial cabling to link donor antennas with network units, ensuring seamless signal transmission.
Headend Rack Installation:
  • Installed a centralised 12RU communications rack, acting as the project's nerve centre.
Cel-fi G41 Installation:
  • Installed Cel-Fi GO G41 units on each level.
  • Ensured each G41 unit was optimally placed for maximum coverage within the apartments.
Twisted Pair Copper LAN Installation:
  • Implemented robust Cat6 UTP cabling infrastructure to connect headend racks to G41 units.

Testing, Commissioning, and Survey:

Conducted thorough testing and Wave portal configuration for all installed equipment.
Executed an active survey using advanced tools to measure signal strength and quality post-installation, guaranteeing coverage in all 60 apartments.

As-Built Documentation and Reporting:

Prepared detailed as-built drawings, illustrating the layout of installed equipment and cabling pathways.
Compiled comprehensive reports, including testing and commissioning data, to validate the project's success.


The cellular coverage enhancement project at Aveo Peninsula Gardens stands as a testament to Metwide Communications ability to deliver high-quality telecommunications solutions in complex residential environments. Our strategic planning, precise installation, and rigorous testing ensured that all 60 apartments across four levels received enhanced cellular connectivity, significantly improving the quality of life for residents and staff at Aveo Peninsula Gardens.

This project exemplifies our commitment to employing cutting-edge technology and bespoke solutions to meet and exceed our clients' expectations in telecommunications infrastructure.

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