Tailored Integrated Security and Communication Solutions for Ozlem Foods

Overview of Customised Services for Ozlem Foods

Ozlem Foods, introduced to us through a valued repeat customer from a leading building company, entrusted us to enhance their facility's security and communication systems. We've tailored a comprehensive solution using top-of-the-line products and software to meet their specific needs.

This solution comprises:

40 Dahua High-Definition CCTV Cameras: For unparalleled surveillance.
15 Inner Range Integriti Access Control Doors: For secure, regulated entry and exit.
10 Aruba WiFi Access Points: To ensure robust internet connectivity.
15 Hytera Two-Way Radios: For effective staff communication in the warehouse.
Automated Vehicle Entry Gates: Equipped with smart, responsive technology.
NX Witness CCTV Software: Offering advanced monitoring and data management.
Complete support with detailed manuals, guides, and full system setup..

Detailed Breakdown of Products and Software for Ozlem Foods:

CCTV Surveillance by Dahua

Total Cameras: 40
Features: High-definition, wide-angle lenses, night vision, durable build.
Benefits: Comprehensive site monitoring, enhanced safety and productivity, adherence to safety regulations, asset protection.

Access Control by Inner Range Integriti

Total Access Points: 15
Benefits: Customisable access rights, streamlined visitor management, integrated system for heightened security.

WiFi Connectivity by Aruba

Total Access Points: 10
Benefit: Reliable, high-speed internet access essential for daily operations and seamless security management.

Staff Communication with Hytera Two-Way Radios

Total Radios: 15
Benefit: Ensures effective communication, crucial for operational coordination and emergency response.

Vehicle Entry Gates:

Benefits: Intelligent automation for efficient vehicle management, enhancing perimeter security.

CCTV Management with NX Witness Software:

Benefit: User-friendly interface for efficient video data management, providing key operational insights.

Comprehensive Support and Documentation

Practical Manuals and Guides: Tailored for ease of use across all systems.
Software and Device Setup: Configuration across PCs and mobiles for complete control over the security and communication systems.
Additional Benefits: Customised alert settings, data-driven insights, scalable and upgradable technology, energy efficiency, and support for compliance.


For Ozlem Foods, our bespoke security and communication solution, integrating Dahua CCTV, Inner Range Integriti Access Control, Hytera Two-Way Radios, Aruba WiFi, and NX Witness CCTV Software, represents a commitment to top-tier safety, operational efficiency, and seamless connectivity. This comprehensive system is designed to meet the dynamic needs of their facility, ensuring a secure, efficient, and connected environment.

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