Project Overview: South Pine Sports Complex – Soccer Upgrade

Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council / Main Construction

Scope of the Project: Integriti Access Control / Alarm, CCTV, Boom Gates, WiFi Access Points, CAT6A Structured Cabling, Fibre Backbone and 20 year Warranty

Metwide Communications takes immense pride in detailing our comprehensive role in the South Pine Sports Complex Soccer Upgrade. This significant project for the Moreton Bay Regional Council and Main Construction highlights our expertise in integrating advanced electronic security systems and telecommunications infrastructure.

Detailed Scope of Works:

Electronic Security Enhancements:

High-Performance Facility:
  • 19 dual-technology motion sensors
  • 22 door reeds.
  • Central security panel provided by Inner Range Integriti, ensuring top-tier security management.
  • Access control keypad installed in the club room for controlled entry.
Local Club Facility:
  • 15 dual-technology motion sensors
  • 10 door reeds for enhanced security.
  • Inner Range Integriti security panel installed in the club room.
  • An access control keypad in the office/multipurpose room.

Access Control and Monitoring:

Boom Gates:
  • Two bollard posts for secure car park entry/exit.
  • Exit boom gate equipped with a loop detector.
  • Two HID card readers for efficient and secure access control.
  • 50 key fobs to facilitate controlled access.
Maintenance Shed:
  • Future-proof security panel installation from Inner Range Integriti.
  • Five door reeds and two motion detectors for comprehensive monitoring.

Software Solutions:

Custom software solution to enable efficient management of access cards/fobs.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

State-of-the-art telephone/data cabling and HDMI outlets.
Professional installation of data racks and cabinets.
WiFi Access Points to ensure optimal wireless connectivity.
Fibre Backbone implementation with certification for Cat6A Copper Cable and Fibre Cabling.
20-year Copper Warranty registration and compliance coordination.

Technical Labour and Project Management

Meticulous CAT 6A cabling installation, including detailed planning and execution for various applications such as CCTV and wireless access points.
Installation of communications racks (42RU) in both the High-Performance Centre and Local Club facility, with smart PDUs and earth terminals.
Strategic HDMI cabling installations following specific floor plan requirements.

Documentation and Reporting

Comprehensive documentation package, including quality plans, standards, and testing methods.
Detailed as-built drawings and manuals for horizontal and HDMI cabling.
Complete commissioning report covering all aspects of the project scope.


The South Pine Sports Complex Soccer Upgrade is a showcase of Metwide Communications ability to deliver integrated, high-quality electronic security and telecommunications solutions. By utilising industry-leading products like Inner Range Integriti systems and HID card readers, we have ensured a state-of-the-art, secure, and efficiently managed facility for the Moreton Bay Regional Council and Main Construction.

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