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What is Jobsite Surveillance System?

Jobsite surveillance systems tackle the critical issues of vandalism and theft at construction sites globally. The financial impact of these problems, from missing tools to the loss of valuable materials, can significantly inflate project costs. Notably, theft from residential construction sites alone can add up to 1% of the cost of a new home, a burden often passed onto the homebuyer.
With Metwide’s advanced security cameras, a strategic solution is in place to minimise the risk and incidence of on-site equipment and material theft. These systems not only deter unauthorised access but also play a crucial role in promoting overall site safety.
By identifying high-risk areas and potential hazards, Metwide’s surveillance technology ensures comprehensive protection. Builders and site owners benefit from enhanced security measures, maintaining vigilance and safeguarding their investments 24/7.

Why Choose Metwide?

Reduce security costs

Reduce security costs

Switching to Metwide’s surveillance reduces monthly security costs significantly, offering a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to on-site security personnel.

Reduce theft

Reduce theft

Metwide's cameras enhance site security with advanced detection algorithms, perimeter security, and deterrents like strobe lights and audio alarms, effectively preventing theft.

24-hour Live access

24-hour Live access

Gain round-the-clock visibility with Metwide’s 24/7 live camera access via a mobile app, allowing you to monitor your jobsite from anywhere, anytime.

Mobilised system

Mobilised system

Metwide’s durable, vandal-proof cameras are designed for easy relocation, ensuring consistent, long-term surveillance across different project sites.

Solutions we offer for Jobsite Security:

Door Access Control
Intruder Alarms
24/7 Back to Base Monitoring
Video Surveillance
Structured Cabling
Cloud-Based Security
Intercom Systems
Security System Integration
PA Systems
Video Analytics

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