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Comprehensive Warehouse Security Systems

Managing warehouse security presents unique challenges, from monitoring vast spaces to controlling multiple access points. Metwide's tailored security solutions, including advanced CCTV, alarm systems, and access control, safeguard against unauthorised access and inventory loss. Our cutting-edge technology ensures every corner is covered, providing peace of mind in high-activity environments.
Efficient vehicle management and perimeter protection are integral to our approach, utilising automatic license plate recognition and thermal imaging for unparalleled security. Metwide's proactive fire prevention tools, like thermal cameras and smoke detectors, offer early detection, mitigating potential risks and ensuring a safer warehouse operation.

Why Choose Metwide?

Streamlined Vehicle Entry

Streamlined Vehicle Entry

Automate entrance and exit with license plate recognition and video intercoms, ensuring smooth traffic flow for both pre-registered and visitor vehicles.

Enhanced Perimeter Security

Enhanced Perimeter Security

Secure large, dimly lit areas with thermal cameras and radar-dome camera integration, tracking movements with precision in any lighting condition.

Smart Fire Prevention

Smart Fire Prevention

Early risk detection with thermal cameras and smoke detectors, safeguarding warehouses and goods from fire-related losses before they escalate.

Centralised Control

Centralised Control

Manage security operations from a single platform with tiered access for personnel, enhancing oversight and response efficiency.

Solutions we offer for Warehouse Security:

Door Access Control
Intruder Alarms
24/7 Back to Base Monitoring
Video Surveillance
Structured Cabling
Cloud-Based Security
Intercom Systems
Security System Integration
PA Systems
Video Analytics

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