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What is Wireless Ethernet?

Ethernet Wireless is Metwide's innovative solution that combines the reliability of wired Ethernet with the flexibility of a wireless network. This service offers a high-speed internet connection that is not constrained by physical cabling, making it an ideal choice for businesses with dynamic networking needs or those located in areas where traditional cabling is not feasible.

This wireless solution enables rapid deployment and scalability, allowing businesses to adapt to changing requirements with ease. It's a perfect match for organisations that need dependable, high-capacity internet access across spread-out premises or temporary sites without the long lead times or infrastructure costs associated with wired connections.

What You Get with Metwide Wireless Ethernet

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Swift setup of high-speed internet with minimal downtime, keeping your business agile and connected.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Reliable, continuous wireless connection across all devices, ensuring your team stays in sync.

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Elevate your team's output with fast, consistent internet speeds that support intense workloads.

Robust Security

Robust Security

State-of-the-art encryption and security protocols protect your data over the wireless network.

How Your Business Benefits from Wireless Ethernet

High-Speed Access

Experience reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity that supports your business's demanding online activities.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce infrastructure expenses with a wireless setup that minimises the need for physical cabling.

Flexible Reach

Extend your network effortlessly to new areas without additional wiring, perfect for growing businesses.

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