Push To Talk

A method of communicating on half-duplex communication lines. Enhance communications amongst teams deployed in the field, enabling them to communicate with one another instantaneously.

This empowers employees to have more command over their workflow process, helps reduce risk, and allows them to avoid time-consuming voice calls or e-mails back and forth.

Push To Talk

This expediency in communication is easily translated to any number of industries.

PTT on a two-way radio is still the best form of essential communication in improving interdepartmental communication. As an attribute of two-way radios, PTT provides improvements over cell phones:

Instant press of a button connectivity, whereas cell phone features are designed more for versatility and convenience

Better clarity because both the technology itself and PTT protocol require communicators to take turns and communicate clearly

Enhanced security because open cell phone networks, which can be vulnerable to security risks, are avoided when two-way radio frequencies are used

Devices with PTT by physical design are meant to resist the stresses of hazardous and demanding situations

We know business is challenging. We understand that every second counts. That every efficiency not implemented can be an opportunity lost.

Push to talk (PTT) technology is a method of communicating among teams with a high level of speed, efficiency and clarity.

Instant press of the button, push to talk solutions improve communication significantly.

You see, the push to talk technology itself requires those communicating to take turns and communicate clearly.

No miscommunications, no talking over one another. Effective, efficient communication when you need it.

Push to talk isn't just for two communicators. Multiple parties can be included in the conversation so that important messages can get to dozens as needed.

A major attraction for push to talk usage is that allocated minutes are not used within a calling plan.

Lighting fast communication that's simple, clear and effective. That's a push to talk.

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