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Access Control Systems: Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure

At Metwide we understand the importance of protecting your business, employees, and assets. That's why we offer state-of-the-art access control systems that provide advanced security and management capabilities.
Our access control systems allow you to control who has access to your facility and when, giving you greater control over your property's security. With our systems, you can create and manage multiple access levels, set access schedules for different users and groups, and monitor and manage access remotely.
Our systems support multiple authentication methods including card, password, and biometric (fingerprint, face) to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your facility. Additionally, our systems are fully customisable, so you can tailor them to the specific needs of your business.

Advanced Access Control Features

Advanced Management

Sophisticated access control management to enhance property security.

System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with CCTV and alarm systems for comprehensive security.

Remote Capabilities

Manage and monitor access from anywhere, offering flexibility and control.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Supports card, password, and biometric authentication for secure, authorized access.

Reporting and Analytics

Advanced analytics for insightful security data and access patterns.


Customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of any business size.

Explore Leading Access Control Systems with Integriti and Inception

Secure, Scalable, and Integrated Access Control Solutions

In today's security-conscious world, ensuring that your premises remain safe and accessible only to authorised personnel is paramount. Metwide Security Systems offers two of the most sophisticated access control solutions on the market: Integriti and Inception. These systems are designed to provide seamless security management, advanced user convenience, and integration with smart building technologies.

Integriti: Advanced Security and Smart Building Integration

Integriti is not just an access control system; it is a complete security management solution. Ideal for large enterprises with extensive security needs, Integriti supports millions of users and hundreds of thousands of doors and detection points. This system is perfect for businesses that require a robust, scalable solution capable of managing multi-site access control, intruder detection, and integration with smart building technology.

Key features of Integriti include:

Enterprise-Level Access Control

Enterprise-Level Access Control

Manage and monitor the movement of all personnel and vehicles with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection

Safeguard critical assets with advanced detection capabilities that relay real-time threats directly to your mobile devices.

Smart Integration

Smart Integration

Effortlessly integrate with existing CCTV, alarm systems, and intelligent building subsystems for a unified control experience.

Inception: User-Friendly, Cost-Effective Access Management

Inception is designed with user simplicity in mind, making it ideal for smaller to medium-sized businesses seeking an effective and easy-to-manage access control system. Supporting up to 128 doors and 10,000 users, Inception offers a unique blend of advanced features and straightforward usability.

Notable benefits of Inception include:

Simplified User Management

Simplified User Management

The system features guided tours and a dashboard that simplifies common operations, making advanced security accessible to everyone.

Smart Building Features

Smart Building Features

Directly control lighting, air conditioning, and other systems through the Inception interface, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

No Recurring Software Costs

No Recurring Software Costs

Inception eliminates the hassle of ongoing software licensing fees, making it a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious organisations.

Why Choose Metwide's Access Control Systems?

Selecting the right access control system is crucial for your business's security and operational efficiency. Here are reasons to consider Metwide's Integriti and Inception:

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Whether you need an enterprise-level solution with complex integrations or a straightforward system for a growing business, we have the right technology for you.

Industry-Leading Technology

Industry-Leading Technology

Both Integriti and Inception are supported by decades of security expertise and continuous technological advancement.

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Our dedicated team ensures that from installation to daily operation, your security systems function seamlessly and effectively.

Advanced Security Features of Inception Access Control


Seamlessly integrates with CCTV and alarm systems for a unified security solution.


Customizable access options including keyless, biometric, and proximity access to meet any business's security needs.

Remote Management

Monitor and manage access from anywhere, ideal for businesses with multiple locations.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics to track access patterns and identify potential security breaches.

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface for easy setup and management, suitable for users of all experience levels.


Inception Access Control can handle a small office or a large industrial facility, and can be scaled to accommodate the growth of your business.

Enhancing Security with Wireless Lock Integration for Integriti and Inception Systems

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions, Metwide Security Systems is proud to introduce advanced wireless lock integration for our Integriti and Inception access control systems. This new feature extends the robust security capabilities of our systems to provide you with even more flexibility and control over your security infrastructure.

Wireless Lock Features in Integriti Systems

The Integriti access control system, known for its scalability and comprehensive security management, now includes integration with state-of-the-art wireless locks. This enhancement allows for an even greater range of application, from high-security areas to remote entry points, without the need for extensive wiring or physical alterations.

Key benefits include:

Easy Installation and Setup

Wireless locks can be installed with minimal disruption to your existing structures and are easily integrated into the Integriti system.

Flexible Access Control

Extend the reach of your security system to include locations that were previously difficult to wire, such as historic buildings or remote gates.

Real-Time Management

Update and monitor access permissions remotely, ensuring immediate response to security breaches or changes in access requirements.

Wireless Lock Capabilities in Inception Systems

Inception, designed for simplicity and ease of use, also benefits from the integration of wireless locks. This feature enhances the system's usability and extends its application to a wider variety of environments, making advanced security more accessible to smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Key advantages include:

Cost-Effective Expansion

Wireless locks reduce the need for costly wiring and maintenance, making it more economical to expand your access control system.

Seamless Integration

Integrate wireless locks with the Inception system to manage your entire security operation from a single interface, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Control and monitor multiple entry points effortlessly, improving the overall workflow and safety of your premises.

Why Choose Wireless Lock Integration?

Integrating wireless locks with our Integriti and Inception systems not only enhances the physical security of your premises but also offers greater flexibility and efficiency in managing access control. This solution is ideal for expanding your security coverage with minimal infrastructure changes, offering a scalable, secure, and cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you're looking to secure a multinational corporation or a local business facility, Metwide's advanced wireless lock integration provides the security, flexibility, and ease of use that modern organisations require. Contact us today to discover how our integrated solutions can enhance the security and efficiency of your business operations.

FAQ about our Access Control Systems

What is access control?

Access control is a security measure that controls who is allowed to enter and exit a building, facility, or another area. This can be done through the use of card readers, biometric scanners, keypads, or other forms of identification.

What are the different types of access control systems?

There are several types of access control systems available, including card access systems, biometric systems, keypad systems, intercom systems, remote access systems, and video surveillance systems.

How does an access control system work?

An access control system typically includes a control panel, door controllers, and various types of readers or scanners. When a person attempts to enter the controlled area, the system will check their credentials (such as a card or fingerprints) against a database of authorised users. If the person is authorised, the system will allow access; if not, access will be denied.

How does an access control system work?

An access control system typically includes a control panel, door controllers, and various types of readers or scanners. When a person attempts to enter the controlled area, the system will check their credentials (such as a card or fingerprints) against a database of authorised users. If the person is authorised, the system will allow access; if not, access will be denied.

What are the benefits of an access control system?

Access control systems can provide increased security for a facility by controlling who is allowed to enter and exit. They can also help to improve efficiency by reducing the need for keys or other physical forms of access. Additionally, access control systems can provide a detailed record of who has entered the building and when, which can be useful for security and compliance purposes.

How can I manage access control for multiple locations?

Many access control systems can be managed remotely, allowing you to control access for multiple locations from a central location. Additionally, some systems allow for integration with other security systems, such as video surveillance, to provide a comprehensive security solution for multiple locations.

Can I integrate access control with other security systems?

Yes, many access control systems can be integrated with other security systems, such as video surveillance, alarm systems, and intercoms to provide a comprehensive security solution.

What are the legal requirements for access control in my area?

The legal requirements for access control can vary depending on location. It's important to research the specific laws and regulations in your area and ensure that your access control system is in compliance with all applicable laws.

How much does an access control system cost?

The cost of an access control system can vary depending on the type of system, the number of doors and users, and the level of security required. It's best to consult with a professional to determine the specific cost for your facility.

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