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Comprehensive Protection for Lone Workers

Metwide offers robust safety solutions for lone workers, merging advanced hardware and software for seamless emergency communication. Designed for individuals working solo in various settings, our systems ensure constant connectivity and safety.
Our services cater to contractors, self-employed individuals, and unsupervised employees, emphasizing communication and peace of mind. Metwide's approach enhances organizational risk management, ensuring workers are always within reach of assistance.
We implement key safety measures tailored to the unique needs of lone workers, including reliable communication methods, regular checks, and emergency training. Metwide's comprehensive strategy addresses all aspects of lone worker safety efficiently.

Top Control Measures that Minimise the Risk to Lone Workers

Establishing means and facilities for communication
Procedurally controlled periodic checks
Utilising automatic warning devices e.g. panic alarms
Instruction and training regarding working alone
Health checklists, surveillance and awareness
First-aid kits and training
Implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
Locking and securing a place of work

iStaySafeAlert Button and App

Metwide utilises a complete personal safety system that combines an administration web platform with an end-user App and integrated Bluetooth SOS activation button managed by a custom-built software platform. The software can trigger an alert even with the app running in the background.

By connecting an iStaySafeAlert button to your key ring and having the iStaySafeAlert App on your mobile, you are confident of triggering an SOS alert independently and having it sent with your relevant location information, at the press of a button. The Bluetooth button is lightweight and can be easily attached to a keychain or be carried discretely in a pocket.

Some of the key features of iStaySafeAlert include:

Phone confirmation with vibration
Paired to mobile via Bluetooth
Discrete, modern and stylish
Lightweight to attach to key-ring or carry discretely
Multiple alert activations: button and on-screen icon
Button connected confirmation blue light flash & sound
Secure SaaS platform offers GPS tracking for multiple devices
Reporting options available
Check-in / Check-out with a reminder to check out and missed check-out alerts
Customisable advanced security features

Benefits of iStaySafeAlert include:

Use your mobile phone
Self-monitoring by family and friends
Works with 3G/4G/5G mobile phones
Location info with mobile’s high-quality GPS antenna
International capability if mobile has roaming
Interface with 24/7 monitoring for added safety and response
Lone worker employee safety with Check-in / Check-out
Lock device permissions for businesses and their customers

iStaySafe Personal Safety device

Metwide distributes a lightweight device that can be worn just like an everyday watch. As a wrist-worn device, the look and feel of the strap was designed to ensure that it is soft whilst remaining durable and easy to clean.

The iStaySafe Personal Safety Solutions offer the benefit of being able to be customised to suit individual needs via the web interface. The bespoke device is so much more than a watch that tells the time or that it only works indoors. From the device, you can make and receive calls, and have multiple emergency contacts with messaging capability.

Features of an iStaySafe personal safety device include:

SOS Alert

The SOS button is easily located on the left lower side of the watch. In the case of an emergency needing to be triggered, the wearer presses and holds the button for 3 seconds, and the nominated Alert Contact will receive the SOS alert via email and/or an SMS.

Location Assist

iStaySafe Personal Safety Solutions are designed to assist in locating the wearer in the case of an emergency. When an alert is triggered, the device uses several location parameters and an algorithm to configure a location available to view on the web interface.

Multi Geo Fences

Via the web interface, multiple geo-fences set by dates, days, and times can be utilised in providing a safe level of independence to the wearer. The geo-fence works using GPS satellite, so the wearer will need to be in an outside location to enable this feature to operate successfully.

24/7 Monitoring

We have several options available for 24/7 connectivity to a call-monitoring service. Our partners are experts in their field, and we will connect you to the most appropriate centre depending on your needs as a lone worker or when you are requiring medically trained personnel.


iStaySafe personal safety device uses SSID to find a MAC address when you are in an indoor location. This will work where Google has provided this information. If your home address isn't available through Google, we can assist to ensure your home location is always available, just contact us to find out more.

Water Resistant

The device is water resistant, with a rating of IPX4, so it's okay for washing hands but not for bathing. This ensures you can wear it without worrying about damage from water splashes or rain.

SMS Messages

Receive SMS messages from up to six trusted phones and have 3 email contacts. This feature ensures you're always in touch with those who matter most.


The secure software platform provides detailed reports on notifications, locations, and even a historical playback. These can assist in determining behavioural patterns for wearers with dementia or with intellectual disabilities.

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