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Connect and collaborate with Microsoft Teams Voice, integrating cloud-based telephony for seamless communication across the internet. Transform your business calls with unparalleled flexibility for office, mobile, and home-based staff.

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What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice transforms your organisational communication by leveraging the cloud. This service integrates your phone system with Microsoft Teams, enabling calls through the internet for a unified communication experience across all devices.

It simplifies the transition from conventional telephony to a robust, feature-rich platform. Deployable within days into Teams and O365 apps, Microsoft Teams Voice is the modern solution for seamless enterprise communication.

What You Get with Microsoft Teams Voice

Quick and Easy Implementation

Quick and Easy Implementation

Effortlessly move from traditional telephony to a fully integrated cloud communication system in just a matter of days, with no disruption to your existing workflow.

Centralised Communication

Centralised Communication

Centralise your communications and easily manage your calls, meetings, and collaborations within the familiar Teams interface.

Streamlined Call Management

Streamlined Call Management

Implement flexible calling policies, take advantage of cloud voicemail, and access music or marketing audio on hold to enhance your customer interaction.

Modernised Infrastructure

Modernised Infrastructure

Upgrade to a modern, all-cloud infrastructure that offers high-quality communication without the traditional phone service expenses.

How Your Business Benefits from Microsoft Teams Voice

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce your telephony costs and eliminate the need for expensive hardware with our competitive cloud communication solutions.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from continuous support with a dedicated team, ensuring your Microsoft Teams Voice integration is smooth and efficient.

Reliable Uptime

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable communication solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and business continuity.

Tailored Communication

Work with us to customise your Microsoft Teams Voice setup to perfectly align with your business needs.

Exceptional Call Quality

Experience crystal-clear call quality powered by Microsoft's robust infrastructure, backed by our commitment to excellence.

Unified Communications

Bring together voice, video, and messaging under one platform with Microsoft Teams Voice, streamlining your internal and external communications.

Ready to Elevate Your Communication with Microsoft Teams Voice?

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