Expanding markets and proactive projects are made viable through the adoption of collaborative facilities. Conversations are no longer confined within walls but extended through advancements in the transmission of audio-video signals by users in different locations in real-time.

The provision of teleconferencing utilities is empowerment to high-achieving teams.


As voice and video technology evolve; so does the greater need for flexibility in the workplace with the versatility of remote connections - video conferencing is widely adopted in today's workplace.

Integrated technology elevates the level of collaboration no matter which web conferencing package is utilised. Present perfect meetings for your business size and needs without spending more than you have to.

Deciding which solution is appropriate depends on the importance of the meetings. Web conferencing works well for broadcasting a single message or speech. If reliability, quality and dialogue engagement is important to you, high-definition video conferencing is the best option.

Modern Features

HD video and audio

Collaboration tools

Recording and transcripts

Integrated Calendar

iOS and Android Compatibility

External Invites

Metwide offers flexible business video conferencing solutions that help your business achieve greater success through simplified communication solutions.



Metwide's Unified Communication platform enables connectivity with your team members or clients and access to many of its features.

Zoom’s web conferencing tools provide new features that are great for personal meetings or businesses just starting out and:

Live translation and real-time transcription

Full screen and gallery view

Free telephone dial-in

Video breakout rooms

Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android compatibility

Keyboard and mouse controls

Enhanced Virtual Reality integration

Chat Emojis

Advanced security features

Microsoft Teams

Incorporated in chat-based communications, Teams' integration with other Microsoft services allows users ability to share files and calendars, collaborative editing, and seamless access to voice, video, and text chat.

Multiple chat rooms or channels can be created with threaded conversations. Notifications across participants and external users on face-to-face conversation versatile voice or video across participants with a maximum of 300.

Metwide implements a chat and collaboration platform for Microsoft 365 customers that are designed to simplify group work.


Whichever hardware you choose, Metwide works with your business to overcome hurdles and provide the best audio, video and web communications devices available.

Yealink MVC320-C2-050 For Small Rooms

Yealink MVC640-C2-050 for Medium Rooms

Yealink MVC640-C2-510 for Medium Rooms


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