Unlimited nbn™

The NBN network covers wired communication (copper, optical and hybrid fibre-coaxial) and radio communication (satellite and fixed wireless networks) at multiple points of interconnection throughout Australia.

Metwide Communications is an NBN retail service provider offering business-grade internet performance.

Our super value nbn™ plans include


Change is a common element in today's business environment. The variable capacity and speeds at which the nbn™ service can be implemented guarantees changes that match your business's immediate, future and strategic requirements.


The changeover to the faster NBN provides a flexible working environment for your business teams. Staff will benefit from working from home, their main office, regional offices and have access to the same high-speed internet connection.

Increased Productivity

The elimination of lagging internet and frequent dropouts will increase your team productivity. Let the technology you provide drive an increase in your company effort across various areas.

Cloud Services

Adoption of cloud technology across various sectors and industries is complemented by the increase in internet speeds. Your team will have the freedom to work smarter, achieving more.

Relationship Building

Immediate and engaging face-to-face contact can be your new reality. As NBN brings video conferencing stability and reliability. Meeting online with customers, suppliers and colleagues will be as easy as making a local phone call.

Progressive Future

With more of the world connected, doors of opportunity in business can be set internationally. Strategic barriers are lifted through technology even more as improvements in communications are achieved.

NSW Master Security License: 000107431

QLD Master Security License: 4606777

ISO Certification


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