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The NBN network covers wired communication (copper, optical and hybrid fibre-coaxial) and radio communication (satellite and fixed wireless networks) at multiple points of interconnection throughout Australia.

Metwide Communications is an NBN retail service provider offering business-grade internet performance.

Your questions about nbn™ service answered

What is nbn™?

The nbn™ is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network, funded by the Federal Government. The government organisation responsible for building the network is NBN Co Limited known as nbn co or nbn.

It is being built to provide you with access to the fastest possible internet service (data and phone) wherever you live.

Do I need to switch over to the nbn™ network?

Yes, you do have to connect, but you'll have 18 months after the nbn™ service becomes active in your area to shift to the new network. After this time, existing phone and internet services will be turned off. NBN Co and your ISP will send you information about moving to the new network.

When can I connect?

Check your address to find out if the nbn™ network is available at your address. If nbn™ is available at your address, you can order your service straight away. If the nbn™ network is not currently available at your address you can register your details and we'll be in touch as soon as you can connect.

When will the nbn™ network be available in my area?

The nbn™ network is currently being rolled out region-by-region. NBN Co anticipates the rollout of the network will take until 2020 to complete.

We have a handy nbn™ coverage map where you can check to see if construction has commenced in your location. Unfortunately, we can't provide any timetables if the nbn™ roll-out hasn't started in your area yet. Information in the roll-out map is updated regularly, so keep checking!

You may wish to join our nbn™ wait list so we’ll let you know how the rollout is progressing and when it will become live in your area.

How do I connect to the nbn™ service?

So, you've checked your address on our nbn™ availability tool, and the results say that your address is ready for nbn™ broadband, or you received 'ready for service' advice from nbn co, congratulations!

All you’ll need to do is select one of our nbn™ plans and order it online, or give one of our friendly nbn™ experts a call on 1300 300 210. We’ll then arrange everything, and make sure the connection happens as smoothly as possible.

If it turns out you need a technician to visit and install some nbn™ equipment, don’t worry - we'll help organise this for you.

My address is nbn™ ready. How long do I have to switch?

Once the nbn™ is available at your address, you typically have about 18 months to switch. Traditional phone and internet services will be disconnected after that. It's important to get switched over before the cutoff date as you run the risk of losing your home phone number if you let it run over. The nbn co will send you reminders leading up to the cutoff, but it's always a good idea to get it sorted nice and early.

What if the nbn™ is not available at my address?

If the nbn™ network is not currently available at your address to can register your details with us.

Once you're registered, we'll keep you up to date with how the roll-out is progressing, and we'll be in touch as soon as you can connect.

Why constantly check for availability when we can do it for you?

What is the New Development Charge?

Effective 1 April 2016, a once-off $300 New Development Fee is charged for all nbn™ broadband connections in the following circumstances:

The first connection at premises in a newly developed area i.e. a suburb with no pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure.

The first connection(s) at premises in an established area in the rare instance that a developer has increased the number of dwellings on the same plot of land e.g. demolished a single house and built a block of units.

At Metwide Communications, we pass on the New Development Charge to you at the same cost that we get charged by the nbn™ co.

During the process of activating your nbn™ service you will be informed by us that your premises have been classified as a new development by NBN Co and will be given the option not to proceed with your order.

Can I keep my existing telephone number to use on the nbn™?

Yes, in most cases we can port your existing telephone number over to the nbn™.

To be sure you keep your phone number, specify that you’d like to keep your existing telephone number when you sign up online.

Alternatively, call our friendly Sales Team on 1300 300 210 to discuss the matter further.

How long does it take to get connected to nbn™

Typically, nbn™ connections are completed within 2-20 business days - this varies depending on whether or not you've already had your nbn™ equipment installed as well as nbn™ technician availability.

I’m renting, what do I have to do to get connected to nbn™?

You need to get the property owner’s permission to install an nbn™ Connection Box at the property before you can be connected to the nbn™ service. We recommend you speak to your property manager or landlord to discuss the connection.

I live in an apartment block. Will I have access to the nbn™?

You sure will. But make sure that your Body Corporate has registered to be upgraded to the nbn™ so the design work can be completed.

Will my current modem/router work with nbn™ broadband?

Yes, as long as it supports the following:

Broadband: You will need a router that supports Ethernet (for FTTP, HFC, or Fixed-Wireless) or VDSL2 (for FTTB or FTTN). We highly recommend that you have a device that supports both.

Phone services: For Metwide Communications VoIP: you will need a router that supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For the nbn™ phone service supplied with HFC: you'll need to use the router supplied with your nbn™ HFC service. Please note that nbn™ phone service is only available via the supplied router.

If you currently have a modem/router, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer to confirm if it's capable of supporting nbn™. However, if you decide to acquire a modem/router from us, you can have peace of mind knowing that it's fully compatible with the specific type of nbn™ service you're receiving.

  • Do I have enough free space for my modem near my nbn™ connection box?
  • Do I have a free power point for my modem near my nbn™ connection box?
  • Do I want my modem to be installed where my nbn™ connection box is?

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